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Hi, I'm Marianne

As a dietitian with a creative side, I have a passion for creating fun, delicious and healthy recipes to inspire good nutrition habits. After graduating from Sydney University I set up my own business and went straight to work in clinical private practice. It was challenging running a business, but I loved it and found it deeply rewarding helping individuals to nurture a healthy relationship with food. However, after 7 years, I was eager to fulfil my creative side and do something different…

I realised that my expertise in dietetics could be utilised in various fields beyond clinical practice, somewhere I could thrive and continue to do what I love with a creative flair. I decided to leave clinical practice and move into the food industry where I focused on food innovation, nutrition analysis, communications, media writing and more. I realised that rather than reaching one patient at a time, I had the opportunity to influence and inspire a community of people who were seeking out ways to make healthy eating easy and simple.

Now I work with health-focused brands to make nutrition their competitive advantage through nutrition innovation, and evidence-based, code-compliant messaging.

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Marianne is a foodie with a creative spirit. She has worked with some big names in the industry on various innovation projects to strengthen their health credentials and make nutrition a part of their strategy. 
From food innovation to claims substantiation, nutrition is an essential part for any business playing within the food and wellness industries. Marianne has a passion for helping businesses to understand how they could use nutrition to benefit their business.


Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) (Honors, class I)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Sports Science)

Experienced clinical dietitian and exercise physiologist, &

Food industry dietitian specialising in food innovation, nutrition communications and food labelling.

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