11 Ways To Reduce Your Food Waste


11 Ways To Reduce Your Food Waste

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The cost of living is becoming increasingly hard to keep up with, and if you live in Sydney (or anywhere in Australia for that matter), you’ve probably noticed your grocery bill eating into your pay check more and more. With that in mind, and with the conversation around food waste and sustainability trending, here are my top 11 hacks to reduce your food waste.

1. Freeze The Excess – Place leftover coconut milk, pesto, tomato paste, canned tomato, lemon or lime juice into ice cube trays to freeze for later. Freeze over-ripe fruit like bananas, pears, berries, mangoes, and apples to use in smoothies, nice cream or for baking at a later date.

2. Roast Your Pumpkin Seeds – Don’t throw out the seeds from your pumpkin, they’re packed with nutrients and make a delicious snack. Simply sprinkle with salt and spices, and bake until dry and toasty. 

3. Make Croutons – Use stale bread to create breadcrumbs or croutons.

4. Save The Stems – Don’t throw out your broccoli and cauli stems, instead use them in stir-fries, soups, quiches, or veggie mash!

5. Salvage Your Herbs – Chop leftover herbs and store in the freezer with olive oil in an ice cube tray for later use. Alternatively leave them in the sun to dry out and create your own dried herb mix.

6. Dehydrate Citrus – Do you have an abundance of citrus in winter? Use a dehydrator to make citrus slices. Don’t have a dehydrator? Place your sliced citrus in the oven (80°C for ~ 4 hrs) and you’ll have some gorgeous toppers for cakes, tea, cocktails, and platters.

7. Save Those Yolks – Do you always seen to have leftover yolks from meringue or pavlova baking? Freeze them for later, or use them to make fresh silky egg pasta or a creamy rich custard.

8. Store Greens Correctly – Store lettuce, herbs, kale, asparagus in water, like flowers – this helps to prolong their shelf-life.

9. Get Pickling – if you have carrot, cucumber or cabbage that has seen better days, give them a new life as sauerkraut, kimchi or gherkins by pickling them!

10. Plant It – Save the bottoms of your spring onion and pop them into a little glass of water and watch them regrow! The same can be done with lettuce. Eventually they will need to be planted in soil.

11. Plan Your Meals – Take some time to plan your meals down to the ingredient to ensure you don’t have unused perishables that will expire before they’re used. Do a quick stock check our your fridge, freezer and pantry before food shopping to ensure you’re not doubling up on anything.

By implementing these simple changes, you’ll not only save money on your grocery bill, but you’ll also play a part in reducing food waste and promoting sustainability. Do you have any food waste hacks? Share them in the comments below!


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